Einstein revolutionized the foundations of Cosmology.   Later, the Special and General Theories would have to be modified to
incorporate the Asymmetrical actions on Gravity due to the implications of Fractional-Fractal-Dimensional Chaos Theory.   The key
idea as far as Structure is concerned is that space can be “fractalized” and fractionalized and therefore some mathematical and physical
theorems have to be modified to reflect the “fractalization” and “fractionalition” of the Structure of Being.  Fractional-Fractal-
Mechanics supplants Symmetrical-Quantum-Relativistic-Mechanics as a more accurate description of the Structure of the Universe.  
The Symmetrical Theories of the nature of the Universe are dethroned by Asymmetry and Non-Symmetry re-conceptualizations.
Gravity is Unified with the other Forces by the Second Speed of Darkness Equation (Equation 9 is the actual Grand Unification Equation).

The most remarkable Discontinuity in an Asymmetric Universe is the Speed of Darkness (S.O.D.) Discontinuity  that occurs not only in
deep space but throughout the visible-invisible Universe(s).  It will become apparent that the phenomenon of The Speed of Darkness will
have high priority in the Physics and The Philosophy of Science in this Century going forward.  It is important to note that Darkness
(Darkons) outnumber Lightons (Photons) by almost 80% in the visible spectrum of the universe.  Eighty percent of the Universe is not
illuminated.  Why should it be that way if not for the fact that the Darkons have a greater importance than do the Lightons or Photonic
structure in the fabric of the Universe.

In summary, currently the mathematical, geometrical and physical formulae describing the Structure of the Universe in a linear fashion
have very little to do with an accurate description of the Universe and most formulae will have to be revamped in order that we may
correctly depict the present and future state of the Universe.  What in fact Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics and The Philosophy of
Science has been describing is the questionable true state of the distant and not so distant past locally and sometimes regionally but not
Cosmically.  It is for this reason Newtonian Mechanics, the Classical Methods, were accurate for small distances and low energy levels
on a local level and Relativity and Quantum Mechanics have been accurate for somewhat smaller or larger regional spaces and distances
but both break down on the Grand Unification scale of meta-mega-micro distances at the nodules of the galaxies' barriers where Time is
extremely warped or flowing back towards us in a non-linear Infinite array indirectly out of Darkness.

These subtle but important aberrations explain why Gravitational Theory and the Forces it claims to  enshroud have yet to be unified
under GUT Theory (Grand Unification Theory).  Gravitational processes extend fully throughout the Dark Universe in a more
generalized diffuse pattern than do the Electromagnetic, Super-Weak and Electro-Weak Forces.  Gravity is responsible for the
spreading out of the collective Forces of S.O.L (The Speed of Light).   The reversal of this process, or the Diffusion (De-Diffusion or
Realignment) will unite Gravity with the other Forces.

Since the Electromagnetic, the Strong, the Weak and Super-Weak forces are not as pervasive as the Gravitational Forces they can be
considered as somewhere between the local and the distant interactions with respect to distances and therefore local (or at best regional
or of a slightly higher magnitude than the local parameters) compared to the Gravitational Forces that are distant as well as being at the
same time regional and local.  The Weak, Super-Weak and Electromagnetic Forces can only periodically be considered distant Forces for
they flow Discontinuously at various intermediate determinate trajectories to the flow of Time and Distance Barriers at the frightful
edge of Chaos.   Therefore, these Unification Matrix Equations (The “Kitchen Sink” Equations of State) are all “Ye” can know on Earth
and all “Ye” need to know!

Equation #1 and #2 of 9 (Equation 9 is the Grand Unification-DeUnification Equation of State unifying Gravity with The Electromagnetic
Forces in the Super-Symmetrical-Super-Asymmetrical Universe(s).

Equation #1
FEf = & ≠  FMf FCf   !!!

Equation #2
                             F2f→F∞f           F2f→F∞f
qpFEf = & ≠ qpFMf qpFCf = & ≠ < ±qpFGf >

GENERAL aSyM ((Asymmetrical)) Gravity Interaction completed before Disengagement

Q.E.D !!!

Where, of course, E=Energy, F is the Fractalizational of that Energy and f is the Fractionalization of that Energy (in the sense of
Fractional Dimensions considerations and in the sense of the Fractals of Chaos Analysis and Particle Physics Fractional charges
operating on the Energy component of the Standard E=MC squared Equation.  The same applies to the components of Mass and Light (M
and C).  In addition q is the quantum component of Quantum Mechanics and p is the Planck constant operator but in this case the
Operator is brought down to the Lewis Level of Micro-Infinite Wave length instead of the lowest level of the contemporary Planck
Level.  Both Quantum and Relativistic Theory are herein superceded and reemerge as Infinitism Mechanics (IM) which now supplants
them going forward.  The Rainbow-Frequency Theory of Gravity has not been dealt with here in the first Nine Speed of Darkness
Equations but will be analyzed in the Second Eight-Fold-Way Branch of Equations that are known as The Darkon Equations #9-#16
backed up by the over 500 Axioms of Symmetry, Super-Symmetry (SUSY) Asymmetry and Super-Asymmetry (ASUSY).  (There are
1,000 Axioms of which only 505 are needed for Grand Unification-DeUnification and to bring the Black sheep of the Family-Gravity- into
the Fold (Grand Unification).  Einstein's problem has now been resolved and M. Abbott Lewis has made the necessary modifications
hinted at here.